House Rules

Here is a list of all the house rules for our game.

On this and other pages, book references follow this list:

  • CRB = Core Rulebook
    That’s the only one I gots, so that’s the only one I refs.

Wireless-enabled devices

Honestly, some of these are nonsense to require that it be directly connected to the worldwide Matrix. With GM discretion, certain benefits will only require that it be connected to your PAN and within wireless handshake distance. (Original rule: pg. 421 CRB)

For example:
Parashield Dart Pistol wireless benefit: The dart reports whether or not it has struck home and successfully injected. It may also report any gross physical anomalies in the target’s tissue, although its medical sensors are not very sophisticated (Device Rating of 1 for the dart). (pg. 430 CRB)

In this case, if the dart is within 100 m, there does not have to be any Matrix signal for it to tell if it injected. However, to determine tissue problems, I would rule that the dart uses distributed computing through the Matrix and thus would not be able to report this data.

Affect of noise: as per the rules, if there is noise greater than the device rating it will block the wireless signal. Therefore the dart gun (Device Rating 2: pg. 421 CRB) would receive no signal from the dart if a 15 m wall (Noise 3) were between them. (Noise reference: pg. 231 CRB)

House Rules

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