Lost in the Folds

Tabula rasa, empty canvas, this page intentionally left blank: when they’re born, everybody is ready to leave their mark on the world. But the world isn’t quite prepared for that. Unlike a taut canvas or freshly melted slate, society tends to be bumpy, rough, with mountains and valleys, plains and canyons. And there are things written across it already, other people’s lives, stories told and pictures viewed. It is a sheet of paper torn from a book, crumpled and bent, folded over itself.

And if anyone is to make something new from it, it must be flattened and cleaned, erased of ink and crease alike.

But there are things in the way, impediments to the progress I seek. They resist my attempts to make the world pristine and ready for my pen.

The elite sit atop the peaks, protected by the terrain, while the dredges fall into the cracks, and the flats are populated by the worthless in-betweens. I must practice my art, my unfolding, where I will not be noticed. Mountains cast long shadows across the valleys. That is were I begin, working to bring down even the leviathan summits.

I will find those lost in the folds and make the world ready.

Paper Folds

Paper Folds is a Fifth Edition Shadowrun campaign. While I have some previous experience with Shadowrun, I’m a fairly novice GM. And the players have never set foot outside of D&D. Hopefully this will be an eye-opening and excellent learning experience for us all.

The basics of char-gen and the rules are in the wiki (or will be). I tried to only capture the essentials, with page references for greater detail. Additionally some intro material is posted over in the wiki for those new to Shadowrun.

An Interview for a School Paper: About Runners
A Knight Errant’s Tale: History Lessons

Paper Folds